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Vodat International provides a range of telecommunications technology including solutions such as Wide Area Data Networks, IP Telephony, Calls & Lines, WiFi Networks, PCI Security Solutions, EFT Payment Services, Mobile Marketing and Audio & Visual Media; all supported and maintained by our exemplary pro-active management support.

Our differentiator is the experience and dedication we apply to our target market, whilst providing a range of products and services developed specifically for the retail and hospitality and leisure sectors.


Our proactively Managed Data Network lays the foundations for our Communicating Excellence Solutions Programme; the bedrock of our business. Our mission remains unchanged, to deliver an exemplary service that exceeds customer expectations, whilst producing year on year savings for our clients.
Vodat’s IP Telephony solutions can be tailored to meet a business’ requirements; the solution includes voicemail, hunt groups, wall boards, voice and video conferencing, conferencing facilities and web chat.
Business Class WiFi enables retail and hospitality businesses to deploy PDQ’s, tablets, wireless devices, whilst creating superior customer service and providing customers access to the web.
3G services ensure the delivery of an ‘always-on’ network connection for our clients. Additionally, Vodat can provide a back up ADSL connection for added resilience.
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Unified Communications from Vodat International provides scalable solutions from cloud based IP telephony, through to the ultimate contact management system for UK retailing companies. Its deployment as an IP based PBX system is just the start of the savings you will get from our highly functional IP telephone solution.

This award winning Call Center Management Application has been specifically developed for retailers to achieve a new level of communication, across all retail operations. Its integration with Microsoft Outlook at head office, all retail stores, and the Store Communicator between head office, is guaranteed to increase your staff productivity. For more information about our IP based PBX systems and VoIP telephony services, please visit One Retail.

Store Communicator is an extension of telecommunicate, that provides a range of highly effective communications tools for your business. It makes it easier for your staff to track and manage tasks, diary appointments and messages, deploy changes to procedures and instructions, and target the distribution of any electronic material to one, or all of your stores. To see the advantages of this retail management software system, including compliance workflow and e-learning solutions, please visit Store Communicator.

To learn more about how Vodat International's Unified Communication Solutions and Store Communicator can help you deliver a better customer experience, call us now on 0161 406 1820 or contact us.

Customer Experience

In today’s multi-channel environment, the ability to allow customer contact by any means including voice, web chat and Email, is an essential element of retailing. Extending Vodat’s Unified Communications, enables you to track and record all inbound and outbound contact with your customers; therefore ensuring the possibility of never missing a customer call again.
Its unified messaging features make it easy for your customers to phone, fax, e-mail, and talk on-line to whoever they need to according to the rules that you set. It can uniquely integrate data, associated with each contact for future reference, avoiding potential missed opportunities to sell, up-sell or cross sell to that particular customer. It is simply the most powerful telephony tool on the market today.
Combined with Store Communicator, it will ensure that when you make that all important customer contact, your staff have been effectively trained and armed with the information they need for a successful sale.
For more information about Vodat International’s Unified Communications, and Customer Experience Solutions for retail businesses in the UK, call Vodat today on 0161 406 1820 or submit you details in the contact section.


Security cannot be ignored. Retail has always been aware of the advantages of CCTV usage in stores to reduce losses, but data security has also become increasingly high profile. Your suppliers and your customers need to be assured that their information is secure. PCI certification is mandatory for anyone processing credit and debit card transactions. 

Unified Payments is Vodat International's level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment service. This provides UK retailers with a single, fast and secure interface for all EFT transactions, generated through stores, e-commerce, mail order, land lines, mobiles and telesales.

Business continuity and disaster recovery are also an essential part of a retailer's responsibilities, and Vodat International takes security extremely seriously; our network is inherently secure and the operational procedures at our offices and data centres, are to the International security standard ISO 27000.

Our PCI solutions have been selected to assist retailers in gaining PCI accreditation, as well as reducing the risk of losing customer data. The services we provide include consultancy and QSA services to provide a full gap analysis. Log management, penetration testing, PCI ASV testing, internal vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and wireless access point alerting.

For more information about our Payment Service, Secure managed network and PCI services for retailers, please call Vodat International on 0161 406 1820 or submit your details in the contact us section.
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