Are your digital networks converting or killing sales?

Take a moment to think about your digital networks. Can you honestly say they’re a valuable sales tool, or do they just make it more difficult for your employees to sell and satisfy customers? Do they ensure your customer offering is fit for the future or are they stifling growth, both at home and abroad?

Take Wi-Fi, for example, once upon a time, Wi-Fi was a nice add-on for the retail, hospitality and leisure industries, but now it is widely considered a key sales enabler.

Benefits of powerful networks

Used correctly, Wi-Fi can dramatically boost customer engagement, enrich customer experience, improve on-premises dwell time, seriously boost customer loyalty and deliver valuable customer analytics. But so many businesses still make do with poorly performing on-premises Wi-Fi networks that frustrate both staff and customers alike, adding unnecessary time and inconvenience to important processes and interactions.

The same can be said of under-investment in MPLS/data networks. Outdated and unmanaged data networks are usually expensive to run and insecure compared to their modern, managed equivalents.

Telephony is another often-neglected network, especially if you’re using an expensive, onsite telephony system, rather than a modern cloud-based solution that provides unified comms across your entire estate.

Boosting your bottom line

Pressure on budgets means that these digital networks are often overlooked by firms, but a high-quality network supplied by Vodat can positively impact your operations and boost your bottom line.

Our powerful networks can help colleagues serve customers quickly and effectively, cutting waiting times and boosting customer satisfaction. They dramatically speed up execution of essential tasks and processes, boosting your employees’ productivity.

Our networks are also very secure. Strong and secure Wi-Fi in particular will boost customer experience by ensuring customers can surf quickly and effectively in total confidence while they’re on your premises.

Smart customer experience calls for smart networks

An important step on the journey to delivering a superior on-premises customer experience, is to ensure that you have a cloud-based, Wi-Fi-enabled system is in place.

Having strong Wi-Fi-enabled access ensures shoppers remain engaged with the multi-tasking lives they lead. The bigger benefit is that it keeps them on your premises, browsing while surfing and with a greater dwell time.

There are increasingly complex solutions available to businesses to help solve the problems around on-premises Wi-Fi. However, cloud-based networking technology can offer easier deployment options and increased capability.

This offers rich features along with added scalability, all simply delivered through a single cloud-based management console with a user-friendly interface. With this, businesses are able to enhance their Wi-Fi, analytics, marketing, and sales capabilities.

On-premises Wi-Fi environments have traditionally been labour-intensive to set up and complicated to manage. The cloud-based solutions Vodat installs for its clients easily bridge the gap between traditional networking and software-defined networking, without having to reinvent a company’s entire infrastructure.

Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses looking for flexible, scalable, and easy-to-manage solutions that can easily be integrated across their stores should look towards cloud-based technology.

Additionally, businesses can manage all of their infrastructure from a single interface, reducing the need for any on-premise maintenance, and allowing them to manage their physical devices anywhere.

Other services offered by Vodat:


–         Web

–         E-mail

–         Cyber


–         Secure VPN connectivity back to the UK

–         24 x 7 Management and support


–     Replication

–     Disaster Security

–     Back up


Why Vodat?

Vodat is recognised as a leading supplier of private, managed networks to the UK retail, hospitality and leisure market – including WiFi. We provide services to companies with estates ranging from 10 to 1000 stores.

Our mission:

We are committed to delivering a fast payback on our customers’ investment in communication technologies through the delivery of technically and commercially innovative solutions backed by exemplary service.

Why we’re different:

The experience and dedication that we apply to our sectors and the range of products and services developed specifically for them, sets us apart from our competitors. We harness the power of an ‘always on’ connection to bring to life the flow of data between stores, central offices and distribution centres.

Our dedication to researching relevant new technologies as they arise will ensure that we continue to offer the most cost-effective solution to our customers.

Our fully-managed network solution:

We ensure that all issues relating to network functionality, from the branch router to the head office connection are dealt with by our experts at Vodat. There is no requirement for our customers to monitor or resolve network problems, although a web-based access to our monitoring system is provided for you to view the network at any time.

Total commitment to network security:

Our data centres are fully PCI-DSS compliant for the carrying of EFT traffic for authorisation and settlement services and the onward transmission of EFT traffic to other organisations. Our ISO 27001 accreditation for security management and ISO 20000 for IT service managed is a strong indication of how committed we are to security and the process and procedure for the benefit of the service we provide our customers.

Our global footprint

85 leading retailers, hospitality and leisure operators, managing over 8,600 branches and 33,000 devices globally. Our leading clients include Beaverbrooks, Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Oasis, Welcome break, Fat Face and Poundland

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