Completing the customer journey with in-store tools

How you can complete the customer journey with these in-store tools: 

Thanks to digital and mobile, the way that consumers choose to shop is evolving fast. Today on a typical purchase journey, shops and the internet work together, mutually supporting consumers through the buying process. Consumers carry out a great deal of research online, and even if they ultimately make a purchase in a bricks-and-mortar store, they are increasingly using their mobile phones to check availability, prices, deals and product information while out on the high street, or in their favourite shop.

In fact, according to Capgemini’s Digital Shopper Relevancy survey, there is a 20% higher rate of conversion for shoppers who use digital while shopping.

In addition, consumers may be posting social messages about products and stores using their smart phones, to friends and family. This is serving to promote the brand or the latest store ranges to potential new customers. It’s also evidence that customer smart phones are continuing to close the gap between physical and digital retail.

Empowering staff with handheld devices

We are also seeing more retailers moving in the direction of empowering their store employees with mobile tools, as a means of helping shoppers progress the purchase journey.

Integrated mobile platforms in the hands of store associates are essential for a fully omnichannel customer experience. Beyond personalised services, these mobile technologies integrate hassle-free, on-the-spot payments, eliminating long check-out and waiting times from the shopping experience.

Harmonise your channels with Wi-Fi connectivity in stores

Having Wi-Fi in stores harmonises the two entities of physical and digital shopping, intensifying the powerful combination of online information and in-store help and product availability. Offering free, easy-to-use web connectivity in stores amounts to helping consumers progress – and hopefully conclude – their buying journey in a smoother, more satisfying way.

Are you helping to progress the purchase journey?

Today consumers crave information at their fingertips, and love to be online at all times. Vodat International’s own consumer research has confirmed how popular in-store Wi-Fi and the ‘digital assistance’ this allows, is today.

As our infographic shows, we found that 70% of consumers would be happy to use free in-store Wi-Fi. Over a third (35%) said they would be more likely to purchase if Wi-Fi is offered, and almost half (49%) said they would be more likely to engage with the company website, if free Wi-Fi is offered. With this level of buy-in, retailers are a step away from all the benefits of connecting with customers via their phones, while in-store.

Digital assistance tools

Our research found that a massive 52% of customers want digital tools – such as free Wi-Fi, instore devices, digital screens, and self-service checkouts – because these services provide ‘a quicker and more convenient experience’. Ease of research without needing staff help was important to 43% of store customers. They also want some incentives and are very open to marketing messages that will benefit them directly while they’re out and about in ‘shopping mode’.

It’s a ‘yes please’ to tailored deals

The vast majority of survey respondents (81%) said they’d like an app that would enable them to redeem loyalty points and offers in store. And 74% would like personalised deals sent directly to their smartphone while in-store.

It’s clear that incentives and personalised rewards are what shoppers really want. But retailers can only deliver this powerful in-store marketing with robust and secure Wi-Fi network connectivity in place to support the communication process.

Don’t underestimate the importance of network power

Putting in place the network power and Wi-Fi connectivity to reach customers digitally when they’re visiting your stores will set you up for all the future developments around m-commerce and multichannel marketing to come.

While connected customers can enjoy a more streamlined, engaging purchase journey, the retailer is heading in the right direction towards a conversion too. With the right technology deployed it’s a fruitful journey for all, and one well worth embarking on. As our research findings suggest, operating in silence in stores won’t get retailers anywhere.

Vodat International specialises in flexible, secure, cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions that make connections with customers possible. If you want to provide a more engaging in-store experience, get in touch to find out more.

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