How market-leading Wi-Fi connectivity can help businesses score a sales hat-trick

For too long, businesses across the spectrum have underestimated the power of high-quality on-premise Wi-Fi connectivity. This is especially true when it comes to free customer Wi-Fi, which many firms still view as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than a powerful sales conversion tool. Used properly customer Wi-Fi can help you:

  • Connect with your audience in your physical space
  • Promote other products
  • Gather valuable customer feedback
  • Automate timely and personalised communications.

These benefits can, in return, help retailers, hospitality and leisure companies score a significant customer experience hat-trick.

Goal #1: Increasing footfall

Take the example of retail: the British Retail Consortium has identified 2019 at the worst year on record for UK retail sales, with bricks-and-mortar high-street stores taking the biggest hit. In this environment, physical retailers need to do everything in their power to entice consumers back to the high street and increase store footfall. The same can be said of any other company whose reliance on footfall directly correlates to their ability to generate revenue.

We have very clear consumer research showing us that shoppers actively seek out stores with strong and secure smartphone connectivity and the same is true for hotel and restaurant customers, for example. They do this for a number of compelling reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that the consumer journey to purchase across a whole range of sectors, now spans multiple channels, with the customer dipping in and out of on and offline multiple times – especially in the case of considered purchases.

To return to the retail example, research by Vodat shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of smartphone users will log on to free store Wi-Fi if it is available. A further third (32%) will use it every time they visit a store. More than a quarter (29%) of those surveyed also said they use store Wi-Fi to show an email or in-app message while picking up a click-and-collect order.

Shoppers also seek-out retailers with great Wi-Fi so that they can check their social media feeds, participate in product-related conversations, check emails, stream their online music apps and do a multitude of other web-related activities while they shop.

With 4-in-10 shoppers frustrated by slow in-store connectivity it is relatively easy for retailers to differentiate themselves and boost footfall by offering strong, fast and secure Wi-Fi to their customers.

Goal #2: Increasing margin

Strong and secure on-premise digital connectivity can help deliver a wide range of customer-pleasing benefits which can directly increase profit margins. One great example of this is how Wi-Fi-enabled mobile point-of-sale machines can speed up the payment process and cut queues. This is a great way to increase conversions when you consider that customers are willing to wait just 14 minutes before being served.

Clienteling is another great example of how Wi-Fi can increase customer-centricity, boosting sales. Armed with a real-time view of customer, stock and order, displayed on a tablet or smartphone, customer-facing salespeople can deliver the kinds of personalised experiences that are known to convert more customers, and increase basket value through cross and upselling associated products.

On-premise digital connectivity also enables customers to self-serve using kiosks and smart devices, enabling them to choose, locate and order the products and services they want instore before choosing their fulfilment and payment method.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi analytics can provide a wealth of data about customers, ranging from dwell time on premises, to customer movement heat maps as well as customer demographics. All of this data can be used to ensure that businesses are optimising their premises, staff deployment, inventories and product assortments to maximise conversions.

Goal #3 Elevating customer experience

In a world where answers are just a Google search away, customers’ craving for information is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when staff headcounts are under unprecedented pressure. Luckily, technology is increasingly coming to the rescue with of innovative ways to help, guide and inform the consumer.

These range from smart screens, interactive magic mirrors and digital shelves that can tell brand story and reveal product or service spec and provenance to augmented and virtual reality solutions that can help with wayfinding and product information.

Put simply Wi-Fi can ensure customers get what they want when they’re in store. It can track customers arriving at your premises, understand what they do when they are there, collect their demographic information, deliver personalised and timely communications about goods and services and then report on success. Market-leading Wi-Fi solutions can do all this and represent data in an easily understood way using highly customisable reports and dashboards. This data includes frequency and time of visit, dwell time, device type as well as demographic information such as gender, age, language and location.

Market-leading Wi-Fi also features customisable user journeys so that you can tailor the experience according to individual customers’ personal preferences. They can gather information to create specific marketing campaigns based on data such as the venue the customer visited, age and gender, triggering SMS and pop-up messaging.

This is a relatively brief introduction to just some of the many ways that digital connectivity such as Wi-Fi can boost critical metrics such as footfall, customer experience, conversion rates and margins. For more information contact Vodat International today.

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