How to capture business people – at leisure

The lines are becoming increasingly blurred between work and home; how many of us check emails of an evening, or sneak a look at Facebook from our desks?

While this might be a source of frustration for some people, it offers untapped potential for the hospitality entry – particularly when it comes to business travellers.

According to BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, 83% of people staying away from home for work reasons will explore the local area during their visit, and access to free public WiFi plays a critical role in this business-generating opportunity.

The first place most consumers turn when they need quick access to information is their smartphone. Particularly for those travelling overseas, being able to log onto complimentary customer WiFi at a hotel or café provides access to recommendations of local tourist attractions, without incurring the cost of roaming charges.

Closer to home, there’s also a growing opportunity for hospitality vendors to benefit from changes in working culture. The Office of National Statistics reports that 14% of professionals now work from home – the highest level since records began – many of whom like to be in the friendlier atmosphere of a coffee shop than stuck at home alone.

Running a network to support public Wi-Fi access has the added benefit of giving hospitality companies the means to connect their own devices, such as tablets and PDQs, in order to improve the overall customer experience.

Plus, a reliable managed network will speed up connection times, which is perfect for time-poor business professionals who just want to get going!

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