Is your in-store WI-FI shopper safe or a hacker’s dream?


In-store customer WI-FI is now a powerful tool for retailers eager to convert shoppers to a sale. Independent consumer research, carried out by Vodat, shows that 72% of customers are more likely to buy if the retailer offers free WI-FI in-store.But with hackers known to target WI-FI to infiltrate retailers’ networks and customers’ devices, free connectivity has to be safe for everyone.

The first step towards securing your network is to understand exactly how it can be attacked.


Inside the Hacker’s mind


Without sufficient Wi-Fi security a hacker can access a network and monitor data traffic, disrupt transactions and even launch a denial of service (DDOS) attack, stopping a store from trading altogether.

A hacker can also set up a fake Wi-Fi hotspot in store, tricking both staff and customers into logging on so the hacker can harvest personal details including identities and passwords.


Securing your WI-FI network


Here are some of the best ways you can protect your WI-FI from cyberattack:

• Multi-factor authentication such as tokens and push notifications sent to mobile phones are significantly more secure than traditional password access to Wi-Fi networks.

• Make it difficult for hackers to move around if they manage to breach your Wi-Fi system. For example, if they’ve accessed data stores this should not automatically give them access to your POS system. Each part of your system should be secured in isolation.

• Deploy software that can automatically monitor your network, looking for suspicious activity or strange data flows. Once alerted you can stop a potential attack before damage is done.

• Staff awareness of security issues and processes is a vital part of any strategy. Undertake regular training to ensure all understand what is expected of them.


What Vodat can do for you


Our Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) [update this link when the new page is live] can scan your LAN network’s radio spectrum looking for rogue access points set up by hackers to enter your system. Our WIPS can also spot excessive personal Wi-Fi use by employees, which can trigger security issues.

The PCI Security Standards Council recommends the use of WIPS to automate wireless network scanning. This layer of security is also useful for monitoring network performance, and discovering access points with configuration errors.

At Vodat International we are currently working with highly specialist security partners who are able to continuously monitor device behaviour, and spot threats across a network in real time.


Vodat offers the solutions to provide robust security that is scalable, flexible and can be fully managed with 24/7 service and technical support. Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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