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With the freedom of wireless, comes the menace of wireless threats. For retailers who rely on IP-enabled devices and Wi-Fi across their operational infrastructure, or who have made the bold step to provide customers with free Wi-Fi access in their stores, the possibility of security breaches raises its ugly head.

We’re talking cybercrime’s usual suspects – hacking, malware, ransomware, social hacks – all threats that can bring businesses to their knees within hours. These are the kinds of issues that cause commercial and reputational damage, and must be avoided at all costs.

Security must come first

Without being too alarmist, it’s clear that retailers need protection across their networks, and that means robust security to counter the constant threat of attack. Thankfully it’s relatively easy to detect problems and protect your network. Robust firewalls are essential of course. And for added protection, you can prevent unauthorised network access to your LAN and other information assets by wireless devices, with a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS).

Spot and stop wireless threats with WIPS

In a nutshell, a WIPS is an integrated software application that monitors a wireless LAN network’s radio spectrum for rogue access points and other wireless threats. The PCI Security Standards Council recommends the use of WIPS to automate wireless network scanning. This layer of security is also useful for monitoring network performance, and discovering access points with configuration errors.

Retailers will be interested in security solutions that can protect their businesses from web-based threats, as well as those that might crop up internally due to employees’ increasing time spent online, and potentially using your network for personal consumption. Customers availing of a free Wi-Fi service leaves firms open to further risk.

At Vodat International we are currently working with highly specialist security partners who are able to continuously monitor device behaviour, and spot threats across a network in real time. It might be that a threat crops up on a laptop when an executive is working from home. There could be a problem with a customer device accessing a store’s Wi-Fi, or something untoward may be happening to a head office server. These issues will be detected and dealt with at lightning speed thanks to a WIPS security solution.

Our services allow retailers to scale their protection to the size of network and hardware infrastructure they operate. It can be a fully managed 24 hour service with technical support, or flexed to a tailor-made package. Retailers also benefit from having access to real-time analytics on web activity and possible threats.

Of course forward-thinking retail companies want to offer ‘bring your own device’ for staff, and Wi-Fi access for customers, to keep pace with life in general, and the expectations of today’s employees and shoppers. But security must come first. Once everyone is protected with a safe, secure, constantly monitored network, the job of serving customers and making colleagues’ lives easier can carry on.

Vodat offers the solutions to provide robust security that is scalable, flexible and can be fully managed with 24/7 service and technical support. Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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