Vodat International Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 18/03/20

Dear Customers,

Vodat Communications Group has initiated our planned response to critical incident and has taken all process steps to respond effectively to the current situation.

It is a fluid situation, so our response is being managed hourly as to any amendments or changes to the current plans or processes.

We have allocated a response team responsible for this workstream until further notice.

The workstream owners are Bill Brooks and Matt Bannon.

Our primary focus remains:

  • The safety of our staff, customers, partners and suppliers and supporting the recommendations issued by the government in relation to public health.
  • Ensuring continuity of service to our customers and a business as usual approach.
  • Keeping everyone connected to Vodat Communications Group updated as to our current status and any changes.

Vodat Communications Group Response – Customer Weekly Update 18/03/20 (Covid-19 Pandemic)

(Click to enlarge)Matt Bannon
Head of Operations
Vodat International

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