Want peace of mind? Look to the cloud

Sleepless nights are par for the course for retail and hospitality leaders. There’s ongoing pressure to deliver on tough KPIs, staffing issues, the next board meeting – countless reasons to be wakeful and worried. Another fear is being targeted by cyber criminals and having the organisation’s technical infrastructure compromised.

It’s a nightmare indeed. We’ve seen TalkTalk hit, and the mighty NHS exposed to ransomware attackers. According to a report from Lloyd’s of London, global cyberattacks can end up costing anything from $4.6 billion to $53 billion.

Don’t risk reputational damage

Companies are obvious targets for hackers, who use their tech nous to get hold of lucrative business and customer data. When hacks happen, a major problem is that internal efficiencies are damaged, as well as money lost. It goes without saying that reputational damage is also done – often with a public outcry that requires a massive PR exercise to put right.

While the world’s largest organisations are often first in the firing line, security issues should be a concern of every company, regardless of size on the global stage. Loss of files, systems failures and corrupted systems are not uncommon, and retail and hospitality companies are realising that protection of their customer and business data is an absolute must. Being customer-facing, and heavily reliant on brand trust, retailers, pub and restaurant groups, and hotel and leisure businesses should protect themselves at all costs.

Essential backup in the cloud

Doing so can be straightforward. These organisations can take advantage of the latest cloud-based technology to provide essential backup for business data, which can be easy and cost-effective to set up. With Virtual Data Centres (VDC) companies can replicate all their vital data remotely, so when disaster strikes, everything is not lost. This backup provides the resilience and security that will lift a significant weight off the shoulders of any CIO.

With a fully-automated backup solution, a company has the ability to create local and remote copies of all data at the click of a mouse. And there are options for additional functionality such as being able to schedule copies to be made automatically.

The main benefit is business continuity – not having to put an entire operation on hold while IT issues are sorted out. This amounts to huge commercial savings, and of course, reputation is protected. Each business will have unique requirements, and will be keeping an eye on costs. So, scalable, pay-as-you-use private cloud solutions can be the ideal way to proceed, providing flexibility as well as peace of mind.

News of cyberattacks may only hit the headlines sporadically, but cybersecurity is an issue that isn’t going away, and should be a constant concern for those responsible for any IT infrastructure. With the ideal solution in place for backup and disaster recovery, a peaceful night’s sleep could finally be on the cards.

Comprehensive backup processes and solutions are offered by Vodat International to enable business continuity. Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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