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Hospitality: How to build loyalty with social Wi-Fi

Bar, restaurant and hotel groups are finding that offering free Wi-Fi connectivity to customers in their venues can drive significant commercial gain. Facilitating easy online access for people who walk through the door is a fantastic way to add value, and enhance the hospitality experience. Increasingly, hospitality businesses are discovering exciting new ways to build…

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Is your retail network ready for the connected customer?

Retail is under mounting pressure, much of which is driven by the shopper. Today’s consumer tends to be a fickle element on the path to profit, often choosing to research and purchase through different channels, and demanding an increasingly convenient, transparent and fulfilling journey.

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More than words

They say actions speak louder than words, and the store is no different. We discuss how technology can enhance retail communications with the right store network in place.  

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Coming of age

Gen Z is the fastest growing consumer group, and your next big retail opportunity. Our latest report looks at what they want from their in-store experiences, and how you can deliver on their demands.

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From pillar to post

Is poor communication costing you customers? Check out our infographic to discover why Wi-Fi investment could improve the value of your customer relationships.

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Battle of the Bandwidths

They might not be your first thought, but networks can make or break your customer relationships. Find out why – and how your network stacks up to the competition – by downloading our report.

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