Are your digital networks at greater risk in the age of Covid-19?

It’s time for the hospitality sector to learn from the Covid crisis before it’s too late. Follow our six-point health check to ensure your networks are fit for purpose and ‘work-from-home safe. With lockdown measures finally easing, now is the perfect time to give your digital networks a thorough coronavirus health check. Think of it…

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Car dealerships are betting big on digital kiosks…here’s why

Motorists are increasingly expecting digital experiences when they drop off their vehicle for a service. Customers want to book-in online, receive text reminders as the big day approaches and, minutes after its off the inspection ramp, they expect to a video run-through of their car’s service sent to their smartphone. The emphasis is very much…

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Is your company prepared for home working?

Effective home working has never been more important, and for many companies the ability to log on, access critical systems remotely and communicate with team members/clients could now mean the difference between success and failure. The foundation for safe and reliable home working is the provision of secure access to IT resources within the business…

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Vodat International Coronavirus Covid-19 Update 18/03/20

Dear Customers, Vodat Communications Group has initiated our planned response to critical incident and has taken all process steps to respond effectively to the current situation. It is a fluid situation, so our response is being managed hourly as to any amendments or changes to the current plans or processes. We have allocated a response…

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Vodat International partners with Circadian Trust 2020

There was much excitement at Vodat’s Headquarters ahead of the Circadian Trust annual staff awards. Circadian Trust is a Vodat customer and not-for-profit charity operating five Active Lifestyle Centres across South Gloucestershire. These awards recognise and celebrate individuals and companies that have delivered fantastic service, innovation, engagement and lifetime achievement within the Trust. The annual…

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The rise of experiential stores

Despite the headlines proclaiming a high-street apocalypse, it’s rapidly becoming clear that bricks-and-mortar retail isn’t dead – it’s boring retail that faces the death sentence. With consumers spoilt for choice online, they need ever-more compelling reasons to set foot inside a store and the ace in the retailer’s pack is experience. E-commerce can usually beat…

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It’s Time to Rethink your Denial of Service Protection

By Roy Reynolds, Technical Director, Vodat International When you think of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks chances are you conjure up an image of an overwhelming flood of traffic that incapacitates a network. This kind of cyber-attack is all about overt, brute force used to take a target down. Some hackers are a little smarter…

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