Want peace of mind? Look to the cloud

Sleepless nights are par for the course for retail and hospitality leaders. There’s ongoing pressure to deliver on tough KPIs, staffing issues, the next board meeting – countless reasons to be wakeful and worried. Another fear is being targeted by cyber criminals and having the organisation’s technical infrastructure compromised. It’s a nightmare indeed. We’ve seen…

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Network needs in the store of the future

Digital theatre and the store of the future Visit any store today, and the odds are that technology will play a part in persuading you to part with your money. In its more advanced forms, such as VR and interactive touchpoints, Forrester describes what’s taking place in the sector as ‘digital retail theatre’, a combination…

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At your service? What guests want from the connected hospitality experience

Despite being time poor and cost conscious, many of us would still rather dine out than order a takeaway from our smartphones; and we’re further attracted to hospitality venues that can bring a digital flavour to the experience they serve up. While technologies such as contactless payments have become integral to the service we receive…

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Profiting from Generation Z: it’s time to act now

Retail analysts are buzzing with talk of the next big consumer group – Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2010 – and their disruptive behaviour patterns, but how big an impact does this really have on retail right now? If you’re responsible for the financial department of a retail business, you may think that…

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Where will your new customers come from over the next 5 years?

It’s a tough environment out there; we don’t have to tell you that. The only way to survive intense market competition and low margins is to find new customers to target – and that means looking further ahead than ever. Children are the future (customer) As loathe as we are to quote Whitney Houston, children are our…

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Transparency through technology: changing consumer expectations

For today’s customer, transparency is key. When faced with anything from price complexity to stock confusion, shoppers, hotel guests, café goers and restaurant lovers won’t simply accept what’s in front of them; they will research, question and – with just a few clicks – review and reveal these practices for the world to see. Consumers…

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Why Wi-Fi is crucial when hospitality gets personal

Today’s consumer is never far from their mobile device. Communications tool, routine manager, camera, entertainment hub and more, the smartphone permeates almost every aspect of daily life, and hospitality is no exception. In restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and hotels everywhere, consumers are going mobile. As well as conducting personal activities such as checking emails or…

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Expanding overseas? Don’t forget the business network

Businesses are always looking for the next opportunity – and foreign markets are becoming more accessible than ever. Whether driven by a market reaching saturation point, or the lucrative export opportunities arising from a fluctuating currency, established retail and hospitality brands are increasingly looking to international markets for growth. Examples include fashion retailers such as…

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