Why Wi-Fi is crucial when hospitality gets personal

Today’s consumer is never far from their mobile device. Communications tool, routine manager, camera, entertainment hub and more, the smartphone permeates almost every aspect of daily life, and hospitality is no exception. In restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and hotels everywhere, consumers are going mobile. As well as conducting personal activities such as checking emails or…

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Expanding overseas? Don’t forget the business network

Businesses are always looking for the next opportunity – and foreign markets are becoming more accessible than ever. Whether driven by a market reaching saturation point, or the lucrative export opportunities arising from a fluctuating currency, established retail and hospitality brands are increasingly looking to international markets for growth. Examples include fashion retailers such as…

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The gains – and pains – of engaging the mobile-first customer

Mobile technology is changing the way shoppers behave in-store. Today’s customers – particularly Millennials and Generation Z, who have grown up with smartphone technology – are favouring an experience that incorporates digital connectivity. Shoppers are increasingly using smartphones in-store to look up product details, compare prices at the shelf edge, and share product details via…

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Your front-line staff are working hard – but are they working smart?

‘Fewer but better jobs’ was the forecast issued by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) last year, when it published its Retail 2020 report on how the industry’s front-line will evolve. But rather than a warning of mass job cuts – which many media interpreted this statement to read – the BRC’s report raised the importance…

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4 store technologies that will boost your customer value

You can’t argue with the notion that widening your digital capability in your store will provide you with the chance to increase customer spend and loyalty. But what to prioritise? The choice of technologies and providers can feel overwhelming. When faced with too much choice it’s easier to not choose at all, rather than risk…

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How to capture business people – at leisure

The lines are becoming increasingly blurred between work and home; how many of us check emails of an evening, or sneak a look at Facebook from our desks? While this might be a source of frustration for some people, it offers untapped potential for the hospitality entry – particularly when it comes to business travellers….

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4 threats that could bring down your customer data

On the retail and hospitality industry conference circuit, you’ll often hear data described as the ‘new oil’. The point experts are making is that ownership and access to a wealth of customer information is a hugely valuable commodity in today’s consumer-facing markets, where competition is fierce. Ownership of customer data and efficient management of it…

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Winning Wi-Fi: how to increase hospitality customer value through free web access

With smartphone ownership worldwide exceeding two-billion, customers have grown accustomed to be being constantly connected, and in many sectors meeting this requirement has become an industry standard. For the hospitality industry, free Wi-Fi remains a major draw for patrons and customers; especially those visiting for business purposes, or looking to pass the time with data-intensive…

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3 ways to ensure your customers have a positive payment experience

Retailers have to deliver exceptional service in order to attract and retain customers. However, while a significant amount of resources and effort goes into bringing shoppers in-store, what is being done to support shoppers through the payment and purchase experience? New Vodat research shows that a third of consumers abandon purchases due to a lack…

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