Shopper expectation in a new age of personalised service

Retail is a hard-fought sector, in which getting the competitive advantage means offering customers a level of service they simply can’t find elsewhere. And, thanks to Wi-Fi, retailers have the opportunity to engage shoppers more closely than ever. We conducted a survey of 1,000 shoppers, and found that 86% of them use their mobile devices…

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How much Wi-Fi engagement do consumers want?

Wi-Fi technology has revolutionised customer engagement. The inexorable rise of smartphone adoption has made monitoring people’s buying habits in stores or hospitality venues easier than ever; and by developing strategies based on the data gathered, businesses can ensure they deliver services that are closely aligned to their customers’ needs. We conducted a survey of 1,000…

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Embracing mobile payments – top tips for retailers

At present, around a quarter of consumers claim they are likely to make payment using their mobile device. This puts retailers in a slightly awkward position: should they blaze the trail and pioneer a payment method that few people are using, risking low return on investment? Or should they wait until the market has matured,…

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Could better staff technology solve hospitality’s recruitment problem?

Staff turnover costs the hospitality industry £272m a year as, with every staff member who leaves, so does a wealth of knowledge about customers and the company’s investment in their training. As one of our key hospitality predictions for 2016, we know that staff retention has a significant influence on customer satisfaction. Engagement is key, as staff…

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Wi-Fi: the problem with going public

With consumers increasingly interested in technology, it is worrying that 4 in 10 shoppers have been frustrated by slow public WiFi in-store. In fact, more than three quarters of consumers (78% of men and 76% women) have encountered problems with slow running store technology in the past 12 months. Some retailers feel that public internet…

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They think it’s all over…it isn’t yet

For most of us today, the point at which the physical and digital worlds meet, and merge with evermore complexity, has become our mobile devices. In the case of modern shoppers, many of whom have grown up with Wi-Fi access available in virtually every public location, quick and easy connectivity is a significant factor in…

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Welcome to the store that never sleeps

Switching off is not a concept that most consumers are familiar with. We’re trying to fit more activities, across more channels, into every single day. In fact, some would go as far as saying we’re ‘always-on’. The Always-On Consumer was a term coined by Vivaldi Partners last year to describe the 48% of shoppers who go online…

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