Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


As part of our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution, we use industry-leading Interoute virtual data centres (VDCs) to quickly and securely replicate your data so you have an automatic online backup should you need to initiate your disaster recovery plan.

One of the VDC options for disaster recovery is to clone running virtual machines (VMs), copying these as templates to another zone. This allows for data replication in cold or warm standby environments in a secondary VDC zone, where the disaster recovery setup can be deployed from a powered-off copy of the primary environment or a scaled-down version actively running in standby mode and ready to scale if the primary environment fails.

Creating a copy of a VM in another VDC zone can be achieved by creating a snapshot of the rootdisk of the running VM, converting it into a deployable template and copying this template to a secondary VDC zone (or multiple zones) in the same VDC region.

Security and disaster recovery benefits of VDCs

The VDCs we use for our DRAAS solution are uniquely built on their own global fibre optic network, which is owned and managed by Interoute. This is the only smart cloud built on top of a smart network; because of this, VDC delivers some compelling disaster recovery and data security benefits:

  • Increased security built into the fabric of the Interoute MPLS network, Interoute VDC leverages this secure standard for corporate networking. MPLS provides ‘internet any-to-any access” but with label-separated security.
  • Fully automated backup and disaster recovery – Interoute VDC storage options include the ability to create local and remote copies of all your data with the click of a mouse. You can also schedule copies to be made automatically. Choose whether the volume you need is standalone, replicated locally or remotely in one of the other Interoute VDC Centre zones.

The Interoute VDC we use is the only DRaaS cloud solution that bridges traditionally slow-but-stable IT, commodity public cloud and fast, new, adaptable IT and disaster recovery services that tightly align with retailers digitally transforming their business. All this without the usual cloud-related architectural, billing, security, service level or legal challenges.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of cloud solutions, such as those for disaster recovery, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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