Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)


What are the benefits of ‘fibre to the premises’ (FTTP)?

‘Fibre to the premises’, which is more commonly known as FTTP, uses fibre optic cable lines running straight from the internet service provider (ISP) to your retail or hospitality premises.
It is different from FTTC, or ‘fibre to the cabinet’, in that it doesn’t use conventional copper wires from street cabinets. FTTP is better than other internet solutions because it is faster, more reliable and more secure.

FTTP provides better bandwidth

FTTP boasts the highest internet transfer speed among all internet service options. For example, it is more superior to most DSL internet packages and coaxial cable connections. FTTC connections may reach up to 70 Mbps, while pure fibre solutions can reach up to 1 Gbps.

The symmetrical nature of fibre allows subscribers to download and upload data and files at the same speed. Streaming media is rendered without any stutters or loss of quality, cloud applications run smoothly, and VoIP calls are crystal clear even on long distances.

‘Fibre to the premises’ is highly resistant to interference

When using copper cabling it is sometimes unavoidable to meet interference from industrial sources (i.e., heating, power substations, ventilating, etc). Fibre optic cabling, however, is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference because it uses light, not current.

Secure transmission

Fibre is one of the best ways to provide a secure transmission platform, increasing the inherent security of FTTP connections. There is currently no way to interrupt the flow of data, unlike internet services that use copper cables.

Fibre optic connections offer exceptional durability

Fibre optics are tougher, more durable and not as susceptible to damage, resulting in less downtime for subscribers due to repairs and maintenance. Fibre optic material can last up to 40 years while copper-based lines need updating once every 5 years to remain operational.

Future proofing

The architectural structure behind FTTP is made to be scalable and customisable. This means that it can be improved and expanded easily and at short notice. This allows businesses to change their speed on demand.

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