Cyber Secure Operations Centre


Our Secure Operations Centre is highly cost-effective and scalable way to ensure your business is fully protected, compliant and trustworthy. It delivers real-time monitoring and alerting of threats 24x7x365.

Do you know how often your organisation is targeted by cyber security events? Are you able to assess how serious these events are, and do you know how to respond? Our Secure Operations Centre is designed to address the challenges facing modern businesses of all sizes. These challenges include unprecedented levels of remote working, increasing use of cloud-based services and the significant cost of hiring and training skilled staff to analyse huge volumes of data for threats.

Our solution enables you to confidently outsource your cyber security, safe in the knowledge you are receiving a set-price, cost-effective and fully scalable service

How the service works for you

We monitor the health and operation of your entire cyber security estate regardless of geographical location, type of platform (cloud, data centre, premises) and regardless of technology.

Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) platform and Security Operations Centre (SOC), we overlay human expertise to generate powerful actionable insights on your behalf.

Our service:

  • Monitors your estate
  • Analyses indicators of compromise
  • Alerts you of threats in real-time

Real-time Security and Alerting

With our Monitoring & Alerting Portal (ProVision) you will benefit from the following real-time insights and actions:

  • 24x7x365 available service
  • Security incident and event monitoring (SIEM)
  • Automated alerting and real-time view of your estate
  • Security operations centre (SOC) and analyst support
  • Access to the VCG knowledge base
  • Device management service (Additional)
  • Full visibility via the customer portal

What are the benefits of our service?

Trust: Protect against the threat of third-party attacks, and reassure your partners and customers that you are secure and trustworthy at all times.

Compliance: No matter how often you modify your environment, we help you become Cyber Essentials Plus/ISO27001 compliant

Regulation: Prove that you can prevent breaches and meet the regulatory standards under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018

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