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LLU – maximising internet choice and value for money

Local loop unbundling (LLU) is an industry-recognised method we use at Vodat to give you a much greater choice when selecting the best internet supplier.

A ‘local loop’ describes the wires and equipment that connect your retail business to the local telephone exchange – also known as the ‘last mile’. These copper wires deliver landline and broadband services. One company (or local authority) is generally the original owner of the local loops, but by unbundling them we can enable other providers to sell services through the line as well. The companies share use of the physical network, but the exact services they can offer your retail business can vary.

The benefits of LLU

The main benefits of LLU include giving you greater choice of internet providers, bandwidth options and cost. It also gives you a level of resilience thanks to the hardware used at the exchange, which ensures joint delivery of internet services.

BT originally owned and ran the main phone network in the UK, but in 2001 Ofcom decided that it must open up the last mile to other companies saying its monopoly was stifling competition and innovation. Now we are able to work with other companies, such as Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, that offer broadband to businesses with a BT line.
LLU technically only applies to ADSL – traditional copper phone lines – but there’s a similar tech in place for fibre optics as well.

Why Vodat for LLU?

We provide exemplary customer support, and our mission is to be part of your strategic planning process. Companies can use the services they want, when they want – supported by a high-speed network that promises scalability, security and substantial support.

Vodat has a proven track record of success in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors, and we are quick to market with the latest advancements in network and cloud solutions to help your business grow. We provide a number of connectivity services in addition to LLU, such as WAN optimisation, MPLS (WAN) and virtual private networks (VPN), and our unparalleled knowledge of managed private networks means Vodat is the obvious choice for all your IT needs.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of data solutions, such as LLU, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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