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Companies must get the most from their data solutions, and WAN Optimisation helps organisations achieve maximum productivity.

WAN optimisation, also known as WAN acceleration, is the category of technologies and techniques used to maximise the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN). In an enterprise WAN, the goal of optimisation is to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information.

WAN optimisation includes:

  • Traffic shaping, in which traffic is prioritised and bandwidth is allotted accordingly;
  • Data de-duplication, which reduces the amount of data that must be sent across a WAN for remote backups, data replication and disaster recovery;
  • Compression, which shrinks the size of data to limit bandwidth use;
  • Data caching, in which frequently used data is hosted locally or on a local server for faster access;
  • Monitoring the network to detect non-essential traffic;
  • Creating and enforcing rules about downloads and internet use; and
  • Protocol spoofing, which is a method of bundling chatty protocols so they are, in effect, a single protocol.

What are the benefits of WAN optimisation?

  1. Quicker file accessibility. Due to caching, someone that utilises the same files repeatedly will be able to access them more quickly because only new data must be saved and retrieved, rather than having to reload the full document.
  2. Enables mobile workers and remote locations. You can eliminate the effect of distance between branch offices, mobile workers, and business headquarters with WAN optimisation. It can maximise network speed between distant locations by allowing you to quickly transfer data and complete transactions, accelerating network-based communications such as email.
  3. Improved performance. Applications that are not directly affected by optimisation run more smoothly or faster because bandwidth previously used for other processes can now be dedicated to the most critical applications.
  4. More reliable and faster data recovery. WAN optimisation makes remote backup of data easier, which is essential for disaster recovery. Also, WAN optimisation’s ability to increase network response time capabilities enables users to rapidly regain access to critical applications after a crash.
  5. Increased efficiency. You can alleviate the effects of latency with protocol optimisations that maximise bandwidth utilisation and relieve network congestion.
  6. Cost savings. WAN optimisation allows application consolidation that can drastically reduce the cost of equipment and software a company needs. Also, through bandwidth management, caching, compression, and protocol optimisation it significantly minimises the bandwidth expenses.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of data solutions, such as WAN Optimisation, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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