Cloud security


Managed cloud security services

Our managed cloud security solutions enable you to control your employees’ online activities and protect your organisation from cyber-attacks.

As well as market-leading online security tools, our cloud solution includes the following features:

  • Data loss prevention engines to help you limit data leakage by scanning all web traffic leaving your organisation. Through the combination of dictionaries and powerful engines our solution can detect and block transactions containing confidential data, helping you to achieve PCI compliance and adhere to HIPPA guidelines. You also have the availability to define your own engines to detect and block the leakage of intellectual property.
  • Bandwidth management will enable you to prioritise the traffic that’s most important to your organisation. If certain content types are a drain on your resources, you can limit the bandwidth they consume to reduce the impact on business-critical resources.
  • Browser control enables you to limit which browsers can access the internet, so you can reduce the risk of attacks through browser-based vulnerabilities. You can also warn users if their browser plugins or applications are out-dated or vulnerable.
  • Web 2.0 controls enable you to give access to social media, webmail, web IM and streaming media applications without compromising security or productivity. Additional fine-tuning lets you choose whether web 2.0 sites are read-only or interactive. Rules can be applied to individual users or user groups to give you maximum control.
  • SSL scanning enables you to choose who can access what HTTP and HTTPS sites and when, and lets you see all user traffic for any type of website in the analytics section of the interface.
  • Advanced threats protection provides you with in-depth analysis of web pages to protect against advanced web-based threats including botnets, malicious active content, phishing, XSS attacks and more. Our web security services block malicious code, spyware and viruses from infected sites to help keep your company safe.
  • Granular policy enforcement ensures all users are accessing the web in accordance with your internal company guidelines. This includes blocking access to certain types of content, reduce time spent on recreational sites or simply restrict access by user or location.
  • Multi-site and roaming user support can easily control internet access for every user without diverting traffic through an appliance or deploying software. Simply direct a browser or corporate router to our cloud datacentres and all your users, regardless of location, will access the internet in the same secure, controlled manner.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of security solutions, such as cloud security, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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