Multi-factor authentication


Keep your network secure with multi-factor authentication

With employees now regularly working away from the office on their smartphones, laptops or other mobile devices, organisations need solutions that offer the highest possible security in and out of the office. Vodat’s multi-factor authentication solutions ensure secure and reliable access for the mobile worker however they choose to do their job.

Security made simple

Many damaging security breaches are due to compromised user accounts and passwords.  At Vodat, we use FortiToken Cloud, with FortiToken Mobile, which makes two-factor authentication simple and includes everything needed to implement security in your FortiGate environment.

This solution uses multi-factor authentication with SSL VPN networks. This enables remote users to connect to a private network behind a FortiGate unit using FortiClient. The FortiGate unit and FortiClient authenticate each other using a pre-shared key. The user is then authenticated by user ID/password, plus a FortiToken token code.

Single sign-on security

Identity and access management products provide the services necessary to securely confirm the identity of users and devices as they enter the network. Our FortiAuthenticator provides centralised authentication services for the Fortinet Security Fabric including single sign-on services, certificate management, and guest management.

FortiToken further confirms the identity of users by adding a second factor to the authentication process through physical and mobile application-based tokens.

The combination of FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken offers a robust response to the challenges today’s businesses face in the verification of user and device identity.

Features and benefits of Fortinet multi-factor authentication

  • Intuitive, centralised authentication and authorisation services. Ensure the right people get appropriate access to your data.
  • Two-factor token authentication and management. Increase the certainty of user identity through the addition of a second factor.
  • Single sign-on for both web/cloud and network resources. Fortinet single sign-on and SAML2.0.
  • Guest, BYOD, and certificate management. Customisable portals including self-service capabilities.
  • Simple deployment and licensing. No recurring license fees.
  • Integration with secure directories. Leverage existing user databases.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of security solutions, such as multi-factor authentication, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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