Web security


Web security

The importance of effective web security cannot be overstated; so much of your business is now conducted online that it’s essential your web usage is secure and protected – but not prohibited.

Your business is increasingly using the web for employee and customer engagement, as well as to run various critical systems.

Vodat International’s cloud-based web security complements Vodat’s managed firewall solutions, and can be tailored to the exact requirements of your business.

Benefit from safe access across all devices – on location or on the move – which is vital for today’s mobilised businesses looking to avoid restrictions that impact your employees’ ability to fulfil their roles. In addition, multi-factor authentication for your employees’ smartphones ensures secure and reliable service on their own personal devices wherever they choose to work.

How does our web security service work?

Vodat’s web security solutions are cloud-based, easy to deploy and flexible to manage. Our managed web security solutions encompass email security, cyber security and firewall protection, and allows you to outsource your online security management to a dedicated expert in the field.

An easy-to-use central management console lets you define web usage policies applied to your entire organisation, regardless of where your users are located. The granular policy enforcement allows you to manage what each employee can do online, while real-time reporting and analytics enable you to keep track of all activity and threats.

Why choose our web security solutions?

We provide exemplary customer support, and our mission is to be part of your strategic planning process.

With our web security solutions, you can protect your business from web-based threats – as well as those you are exposed to internally from your employees’ increasing amount of online activity (including personal use). Vodat can safeguard your all-important data and intellectual property, and help ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Working with the latest security partners, we can continuously monitor device behaviour and identify threats throughout in real-time. Whether a threat occurs on laptop, employee devices, printers, servers or any IP-enabled device, we’ll identify it, monitor it and address it.

Dual protection

Firewall service is delivered as a dual system and runs across two London datacentres.

The active/passive set-up means that in the event of the active firewall failing or the primary site being lost, the passive firewall will take over all processing.

Vodat’s hosted firewall platform contains anti-virus, web filtering, application control and intrusion prevention capability, providing comprehensive protection for your business.

Key benefits of Vodat web security services

  • Comprehensive solutions to prevent web attacks
  • Scalability – roll solutions out across your estate
  • Manage your employees’ internet browsing
  • Unique – tailored to your business goals
  • Flexibility – protection on the move and tailored price packages
  • Fully managed 24/7 service and technical support
  • BYOD compatible – secure your staff’s own personal devices
  • Compliant – help your business meet industry security standards
  • Supports the latest in-store tech investments
  • Real-time analytics on web-based activity and threats.

Vodat provides cloud-based web security solutions to complement its managed firewall offering.

Our solutions are easy to deploy and flexible to manage, and our services for email/web/cyber security and firewall protection allows businesses to outsource their security management to a dedicated expert in the field.

Download our product sheet which details how Vodat’s array of security solutions, such as web security tools, can help businesses achieve their commercial and customer service goals.

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