Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS)


Our market-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS)

Enterprise Wi-Fi networks can offer hackers rich pickings, if the correct security measures have not been put in place.

And as the threat level and complexity increases, so does the need for a comprehensive wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS).

Our intrusion prevention technology provides the most comprehensive protection against current and emerging wireless threats, giving you 24/7 visibility into, and complete control over, wireless activity in your enterprise airspace.

Automatic threat detection

The WIPS we use automatically and quickly classifies wireless devices detected in the airspace as either authorised, rogue or external.

This approach prevents false alarms and saves security administrators the work of creating complex rules to identify rogue wireless devices or manually inspecting them.

Compare this to the flawed device classification integrated into most other WLAN solutions, which rely on slow and inconclusive CAM table lookups and MAC correlation, signatures, or passive network sniffing.

Comprehensive threat protection

Vodat’s system provides the most comprehensive protection from all types of wireless threats, including rogue APs, soft APs, honeypots, Wi-Fi DoS, ad-hoc networks, client mis-associations, and mobile hotspots.

Security administrators are not required to define complex signatures for threat detection, which is the case with other WIDS/WIPS solutions.

Our system takes a fundamentally different approach by focusing on the primary threat vectors and vulnerabilities that form the building blocks for all known and emerging Wi-Fi hacking attacks and tools.

This means it is able to detect and respond over 50 times faster than APs using traditional background scanning and unlike background scanning, it does so without interrupting Wi-Fi client access.

Automatic threat prevention

Most wireless IDS/IPS solutions do not encourage automatic over-the-air prevention because of the risk of disrupting own or neighbouring Wi-Fi networks.

Our system’s accuracy in separating genuine threats from neighbouring Wi-Fi devices means that customers can confidently use automatic prevention to block any threats.

Key features of our WIPS solutions

  • Automatically detects, locates and blocks all types of wireless threats
  • Eliminates false alarms in ‘on wire’ rogue AP detection
  • Secure BOYD policy enforcement
  • Off-line sensor mode for fault-tolerant continuous policy enforcement
  • 24/7 spectrum analysis
  • Detects and locates non-Wi-Fi interference and radio frequency jamming
  • Smart Forensics tool for quick resolution of wireless incidents
  • Remote troubleshooting including remote ‘live packet capture’
  • Management options include virtual server, or cloud.


What is a wireless intrusion prevention system?

A wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) scans the radio spectrum for signs that a hacker is attempting to access your Wi-Fi network without permission. A WIPS will then take action automatically to prevent access.

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