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Industry-leading guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi has the potential to solve a number of significant challenges facing retail, leisure and hospitality businesses and their customers. Here are three examples:

  • Customers are overwhelmed by choice as they search for value;
  • Retailers know so much about their customers but don’t know they are in store until they check out;
  • Brands have no targeted way to communicated at the point of purchase.

Our guest Wi-Fi solutions

At Vodat we use Cloud4Wi, one of the world’s most powerful guest Wi-Fi solutions, to address these challenges and turn guest Wi-Fi into a powerful and insightful in-store marketing and communications channel.

Cloud4Wi has a clearly defined business case, taking the user from initial connection and user analysis to engagement. Here are those three steps and the business opportunities they present in more detail:

  1. Connection: Cloud4Wi gives your business an opportunity to create an engaging and fully brandable log-on screen. It also enables you to determine how you want your customers to connect, using either a user account, social login or a simple click through.
  2. Analysis: The system provides a range of end-user analytics options including hotspot, presence and customer analytics. Based on presence APIs and user profiles, the system can provide heatmaps, footfall traffic and location mapping.
  3. Engage: Cloud4Wi offers a wide range of customer engagement opportunities including:
    1. Advertising;
    2. Coupons;
    3. Email marketing;
    4. External links;
    5. Proximity marketing;
    6. Social marketing; and
    7. Surveys

Our customisable guest Wi-Fi customer journey

The Cloud4Wi user journey is fully customisable, enabling retailers, leisure and hospitality operators to dial up or down the levels of engagement they offer to customers using their guest Wi-Fi. For example, a customer may see an advert when they first access your Wi-Fi network. On the next screen they’ll see a branded log-in page with email or social media log-in options followed by a coupon page, connection to Wi-Fi page, a branded log-out page and then a customer survey.

Our chosen guest Wi-Fi provider offers businesses an easy deployment of external services, easy development of new apps, transparent content publishing in the splash and control panels and RESTful APIs to pull out Cloud4Wi data.

It also enables businesses to build visitor profiles and segment audiences, while remaining fully GDPR compliant.

About Cloud4Wi

Our guest Wi-Fi solution is used by over 100 million shoppers in 30,000 premises across 100 countries worldwide.

Business that use Cloud4Wi include MacDonalds, Clarks, Armani, Bulgari, Adecco, illy and Burger King.

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