Hotel Wi-Fi


Hotel Wi-Fi

Hotel Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-to-have amenity. Hotel customers want to do all the things they do at home – catch up on work emails, stream music, browse and shop online, to name but a few. This means that for business and leisure customers alike, safe and reliable Wi-Fi is now one of the most important services hotels can offer.

How do our hotel Wi-Fi solutions work?

Our hotel Wi-Fi solutions harness the power of cloud computing to create high-performance wireless networks that are easy to deploy and manage in any hotel. They come as a hosted service from Vodat, or can be controlled by hotel management, and the solutions provide extended network coverage without the need for wired Ethernet connections.

Why Vodat for hotel Wi-Fi?

We provide exemplary customer support, and our mission is to be part of your strategic planning process.

Our technology solutions enable you to deploy a scalable and secure business-class Wi-Fi network in your hotel quickly and cost effectively; remove high IT costs from your organisation; provide personalised landing pages to your guests; and improve customer loyalty.

Secure and stable hotel Wi-Fi

Our hotel Wi-Fi solutions include state-of-the-art security features as standard, helping to detect and prevent malicious attacks and safeguarding your staff and guests.

Using an industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) and automated compliance and security reporting, our Wi-Fi systems allow you to outsource your security concerns and focus your attention on providing outstanding customer service to your hotel guests.

Opportunities for Wi-Fi marketing

The desire for your guests to be always-on and connected while staying at your hotel presents a number of attractive marketing and customer analysis opportunities.

Offering free Wi-Fi to your hotel guests provides them with the connectivity they desire, while also presenting your business with the opportunity to better understand their behaviour when they are enjoying your hospitality.

Analyse how Wi-Fi is used across your hotels and understand how your customers move around your sites, and then engage them with relevant, targeted marketing when they return.

Key benefits of Vodat hotel Wi-Fi

  • Scalability – roll out across your estate
  • Flexibility – fully installed by Vodat
  • Multiple access points – secure, robust and fit for high-density networks
  • Unique – tailored to your business goals
  • Best of breed – we only work with established partners, such as Mojo and Cisco Meraki
  • Fully-managed hotel Wi-Fi – service and technical support provided
  • Cost effective and secure
  • Helps you serve customers on their terms
  • Optimum reliability.

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