Social Wi-Fi


Social Wi-Fi provides a frustration-free way for customers to access your Wi-Fi network. It enables customers to connect to your Wi-Fi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login. What’s more, you can add social links to your custom splash pages, encouraging customers to interact with your brand socially; immediately boosting your social media presence.

Our social Wi-Fi solution provider, Purple, leverages the customer data captured so you can begin to understand who your customers really are by building detailed customer profiles, helping you drive meaningful social media marketing campaigns.

Benefits of public social Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Enables seamless login, so that when guests return to your venue the network remembers their details.
  • It enables customers to connect with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.
  • Reach friends of friends through social media logins and activity.
  • Drives key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares.
  • It enables you to easily promote offers and events to existing and potential customers.

Increasing the reach of your brand with social Wi-Fi hotspots

Social Wi-Fi hotspots give your customers the opportunity to share their location on their social media news feed and tell their friends about your business. Assuming your customers have an average of 200 friends each on Facebook and at least 100 people per day visit your premises, you could potentially reach approximately 20,000 people per day via social channels.

Monitoring customer satisfaction

By offering their customers social Wi-Fi connectivity, retailers and leisure and hospitality operators are presented with an opportunity to monitor customer satisfaction in real time. This is because users can be invited to complete a feedback questionnaire after logging out of your social Wi-Fi network.

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